Edyen is a
Child CentricApp,

where parents interact with everything around their kids in a safe, agile and simple way; we integrate in a single platform several education, financial, health, entertainment solutions and more.

Our unique selling point is integrating in a single platform several solutions in the education sector for both parents and schools their kids attend.


Our Mission:

Be side by side with families in all their interactions with third parties in a safe, agile and simple way.

Our Vision:

Position Edyen as the main player in apps for families and their children.

Our Valores


Child Centric:

Our company focuses on placing children at the center of our actions and decisions, considering their necessities, interests and well-being as the priority in everything we do.


We respect the individuality of each person, family, supplier, shareholder and society. We support them with our technology in their self-determination and choice of what is right for them, as well as what and when their information can be shared.


We commit to being, doing and giving the best of us with clients, employees, suppliers and community in general.


We continuously search for new ways to improve and develop our supper app; adding new categories and solutions to save time and money.


We know that adding new talent generates amazing results, hence we team up with our families (clients), employees, shareholders and suppliers.

Orientados a Resultados:

Entendemos los tiempos de las familias, la urgencia de nuestros proveedores, la expectativa de nuestros accionistas y el resultado hacia la sociedad que aportamos, por lo cual, somos claros en nuestras metas en el qué, cómo y cuándo se esperan.


Somos honestos, éticos y coherentes en nuestras acciones y decisiones, actuando de acuerdo a nuestros principios y valores, incluso cuando nadie nos está observando.


Plataforma todo en uno diseñada para resolver necesidades esenciales de colegios y padres de familia.


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